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About Us

Rudraksh was Conceptualised by Debapriya Ghosh Goswami(Debbie) and Samujjwal Ghosh(Sam)back in 2009 and it has been a fantastic journey where the biggest gains have been the trust of the clients and the tag of Honesty!


Sometime's products dancing on Television to News headlines in Newspapers OR say a Radio jingle, All these werematters of liking and excitement to these two people!

After gathering experience in ad agencies, Newspaper Companies and Television Channels, they finally decided to start up "RUDRAKSH".

We are Religious in our efforts and analytical in our approach.

Sam's Habit

  • Sleeps Less

  • Thinks a LOT

  • Scripts Crisp

  • MATHs it up

  • Sketches

  • Always on FB, INSTA, WHATSAPP

  • Develops and Communicates

  • Day Dreamer

  • Eats a LOT

Debbie's Habit

  • Sleeps More

  • Executes

  • Communicates

  • Prepares the Ruster

  • Bottle ART'S

  • Cooks at Office

  • Loves Eating

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