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Wear The Beads To Cultivate


RUDRAKSH is an Advertising and Public Relation Company devoted in delivering promotional and  media plans which are customized as per the individual's requirement and product type. Be it a motion picture or any other products like beauty product, educational institution & so on...

We infuse in Creativity in the development of a product which eventually strikes the audience's point of interest. In today's chaotic world, if an identity is moving without a purpose it may actually get lost!

May be a bit hectic to design the contour but only a sculpted pathway of a yearlong promotion can actually bring the image of the product to a standard that is commercially stable.

We chalk plans that would :

  • Bring the product into News (Print / Radio / Audio-Visual etc.)

  • Initiate Brand Establishment

  • Advertise to maximize reach to target audience

Rudraksh executes its activities within the client's budget making sure justice is delivered to the product concerned. We highly believe in statistics to keep track of the assignments. Effort Estimations for individual assignments are maintained in a scientific and deductive way avoiding any damage to work stream.

We have delivered tailored-solutions for sectors like:

  • Cinema

  • FMCG

  • Finance

  • Education

  • Government

RUDRAKSH is well networked across the best media houses. We keep on increasing and updating our database which helps in constructing a media plan, be it for cinema or non-cinema.

We are always available to discuss your promotional fulfillment or issues by chatting online or just by dropping a message.

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